A Training Approach To Achieve Excellence

Grip Training

If you’re new to grip training an optimal workout for increasing finger strength is the weighted hangs (WH) prescription.

Bodyweight Movements

Bodyweight movements are an important part to most climber’s supplemental training program. Unlike traditional resistance…

Aspects of Performance

Each day’s climbing session is an amalgamation of two important aspects to performance: technique and capacity. Technique is…

Training for Climbing

The goal of becoming a better climber means something different for each one of us. With so many directions to go in the general…



Rob Miller

Rob Miller began climbing over 30 years ago, first in Colorado, then as a free climber on Yosemite’s big walls. During his 15 years as a coach, he realized that climbers need a guide that focuses on the sport’s unique physical challenges. He set out to build an integrated, sustainable training program that increases strength, power, and fitness.

Training Guide for Climbers will help climbers, whether beginning or advanced, expand their horizons as they pursue this sport.

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“It hits the key principles of progressive training effectively and gives readers a well-structured, easy to understand path to apply moving forward,” M. M.

“Training Guide for Climbers presents training in a very accessible context, far more so than other works with a similar aim,” S.H.

What you’ll find is sound and thoughtful advice on training programming and planning based on science and real-world experience.” R. W.

This is more than just a book about training, it’s a legacy artifact,” B. D.

“Training Guide for Climbers is an understandable, concise, and easy to use resource for everyone from beginner to the highly experienced trainee,” K.L

“Get equipped with inspiring information and start moving forward with your own relationship to training for climbing,” S.M.

“I’m personally grateful to Rob for setting me on a path of learning and pursuing both training and climbing in a different way,” J. U.


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