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Platinum Climbing is home to “Training Guide for Climbers: Platinum Principles for Success,” a standalone resource for climbers just getting into training and a valuable addition to anyone who’s been at it awhile.

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Make a Plan

Platinum Climbing is a training approach to achieve excellence. It begins by making the most of the climbing you’re already doing to steadily improve technique, strength, power, and endurance. From there, multiple options exist depending on your unique circumstances and training tolerance.


Overcome Performance Plateaus

Tipping the scales in your favor to climb harder and train smarter is simpler than you think. This guide formulates a variety of effective plans to overcome performance plateaus and the strategies needed to steadily improve climbing performance for years to come.


Detailed Schedules

The detailed instructions for prescribing, performing, and programming a finite number of reliable training movements— from beginner to advanced—makes it possible for the reader to apply them to other movements not listed. This is the big picture perspective to start you on the right track and to stay on it for years to come.


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Paperback: Bookbaby Store or Amazon.

eBook: Apple Books and Google Play.

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